About Ted Bullard

I started collecting at about age ten, when my Grandfather Parker gave me two German belt buckles he brought home from World War One. Later, I worked as a runner for our local antique auctioneer, and spent many Friday nights at the local Masonic Lodge basement moving antiques and collectables towards my auctioneer friend.

Wherever I am, I frequent antique shops, pawnshops, junk and thrift shops, and antique, gun, and specialty shows. I buy and sell at big shows and small. Once I have two of an item, I become a collector, and learn whatever I can to better understand the history of what I am collecting; it’s history, value and availability.

I also appraise antiques and collectables. I have become good at describing an item; it’s size, condition, it’s identifying characteristics. I am good at gauging how much original finish or paint remains on a piece, or determining the extent of wear on a gun, coin, piece of furniture, whatever! I feel I can describe an item accurately. Hopefully from my description, you can imagine the piece in your mind’s eye. However, I also enjoy shooting images with the digital camera of the items offered on this website, and I think the pictures together with the description will give you a good idea of the item and it’s condition.

I love antiques and collectables, the venues, auctions, shows! These are the places my pulse quickens, and my thoughts race! I collect and seek out many of the items that are listed on this website. I try to be knowledgeable about these items. If you have questions, or would like to learn more about these items, please feel free to contact me. I would enjoy being in touch with you. If I cannot answer your questions at the time you contact me, I will do my research and be in touch as soon as possible.

Thank you for visiting Antiques from The Retreat!